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Welcome to The Herbal Farm website. We hope to help you benefit from the wonderful healing properties of plants as well as guide you to using them safely and effectively. Herbal medicine is one of the most time-tested human traditions on the face of the Earth.

Herbal medicine has benefited millions of people for thousands of years.

Health is a gift that makes life worthwhile. Herbs can certainly help us along that path, but they should not be relied upon simply as a band-aid to fix a health problem. We encourage you to look deeply at the causes of illness and seek to live a healthier lifestyle whenever possible. This includes having healthy relationships, eating a wholesome diet, and exercising. We must also avoid the things that damage health, such as stress, smoking, exposure to pollutants, and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Provided in this website is information on how to use herbs, as well as herbal blends. Each herbal description includes contraindictions, such as dangerous side effects, to which you should pay careful attention. Many of the contraindications only occur in extremely large doses and would never be a problem with normal use. However, there are some plants that should best be used with professional counsel, and many should be avoided during pregnancy. In listing contraindications. Remember – just because something is from a plant does not mean it is appropriate for everyone to use at all times.

In Chinese medicine, different foods have different characteristics, described as energetics. We must admit that not everyone agrees on whether an herb is cool, cold or warm. As American herbalism evolves the use of energetics will become a more genuine and accurate part of our own healing tradition, with more agreement between herbal practitioners.

Even though some of the constituents of the plants are listed, herbalists usually prefer to use plants in a more whole form. We firmly believe that using the entire herb, with all of its components, is more effective and often safer than using any one component.


Latin Name: Podophyllum peltatum

Alternate Names: American Mandrake, Devil's Apple, Indian Podophyllum, Wild Lemon, Duck's Foot, Umbrella Plant, Hog Apple, Racoonberry


Parts Used: Rhizome, resin.

Properties: Antibilious, Antitumor, Antiviral, Cathartic, Counterirritant, Glandular Stimulant, Hydragogue, Immune Stimulant, Purgative, Vermifuge.

Internal Uses: Constipation, Leukemia, Lymphatic Tumors, Ovarian Cancer, Tumors

Internal Applications: Tea, Tincture, Capsules.
One of the ways Mayapple helps to get rid of warts is by impeding the warts' development and blood supply. It works as an immune stimulant by suppressing lymph cells; therefore, it is especially useful in the treatment of leukemia. Can help in cases of severe constipation.

Topical Uses: Venereal Warts, Warts

Topical Applications: Resin is applied to warts, including venereal warts.
The podophyllin and podophyllotoxin constituents have growth inhibiting properties, hence the topical application for warts.

Culinary uses: Though the fruit is somewhat laxative, it is made into jams, beverages, sauces and ice cream.

Energetics: Bitter, Cold, Dry.

Chemical Constituents: Glycoside (podophyllotoxin), flavonoids (kaempferol, quercitin), calcium oxalate, gallic acid.

Contraindications: When applying to warts, use only on the tissue needed or it can damage surrounding tissue. Use internally only in tiny amounts followed by lots of water, using about one sixth the dosage of other herbs. Can cause vomiting, diarrhea, bloating, headaches and lowered blood pressure. Misuse can be deadly. Handling fresh root may cause contact dermatitis. Avoid during pregnancy, as it can cause birth defects. Use only with guidance from a competent health professional. To give one an idea of its potential for misuse, it was once used as a suicide plant by Native Americans. Do not use interchangeably with European Mandrake (Mandragora officinarum).

Comments: The genus name, Podophyllum is from the Latin podos, meaning 'foot' and phyllon, meaning 'leaf.' This refers to the shape of the leaf which resembles the foot of an aquatic bird. The species name, peltatum, means 'shield shaped'. Mandrake was used by the Cherokee peoples to treat hearing loss. It is used as an insecticide for crops to kill potato bugs and corn worms.

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